Tiffany King, CMT

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Massage Therapy Referral:

Angela Meyer, owner of Maternal Instinct Massage, is a certified perinatal massage therapist and perinatal massage therapy instructor.

She is currently taking a break from massage therapy, and entrusting and referring her clients to Tiffany Montandon King, at Harmony Bodywork Massage Therapy. Tiffany is a highly skilled and certified prenatal massage therapist and matches Maternal Instinct's high level of standards for perinatal massage care in safety, cleanliness and masterful, intuitive touch.

From Angela -

I am filled with so many emotions as I write to you today to announce my retirement from Maternal Instinct Massage as of April 2016. After much soul searching, I have decided that I need to take some time off to care for myself.

Because I care so much about all of you, it was very important to me to find just the right massage therapist to recommend for your future massages. I found just that person in Tiffany Montandon King at Harmony Bodywork Massage Therapy.

Tiffany is a trustworthy, safe and nurturing prenatal and postpartum massage therapist who I highly recommend. I have extensively interviewed Tiffany and have personally received both Swedish and prenatal massage from her. She has a wonderful quality of touch, high standards for safety, and operates in a clean, spa-like atmosphere. I myself have very high standards for massage therapy, and I found her massages to be deeply satisfying on a therapeutic level.

With deepest gratitude,

Angela Meyer

Tiffany Montandon King



Angela Meyer & Tiffany Montandon